Description of Role

The Ethereum Foundation's annual Developer Conference, Devcon, is expected to host ~4000 attendees at its next iteration. The Devcon Team wants to allow attendees the option to pay for their ticket using various Layer 2 & Scaling solutions in an effort to lower transaction costs (gas fees) for attendees. We currently allow ETH and DAI payments via a custom-built ETH-payment-plugin for the open-source ticketing platform Pretix, and we would now like to build the functionality needed to accept and automatically confirm payments coming in from L2s (and other Ethereum scaling solutions).

We are looking for a contracted Python Developer to develop & expand on our open-source plugin to make it possible for customers to pay for a Devcon ticket with funds they have on Layer 2. The particular Layer 2s and scaling solutions we have in mind for integration are zkSync, Optimism, Matic, among others, but the priority of each will be open to discussion.

*Note 1: ***We do not intend to assist with/walk customers through the process of onboarding & off-boarding funds via L2. We simply want to give the option to those who already have funds on L2 to use them to pay for a Devcon ticket.

Note 2: Devcon is currently indefinitely postponed, we are optimistic it will be possible soon and are still working hard to make it the best one yet (hence this effort 😁*).*

Who is our ideal candidate?

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